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Gamelon File I/O Library

Here you will explore the maker of Gamelon®, Menai Corporation, a dynamic, experienced software company that offers software tools, consulting and programming services.  Please leave a note in our Guestbook so that we may keep you up to date on ways that we may serve your interests.


Menaiís Gamelon® software libraries give to programmers a fast, easy and error-free way to store and manage data of any type and mixture without the complexity and overhead of databases.  All data items are stored as type-safe objects and all access is logical (first, last, prior, next), with no need to keep track of file offsets and data lengths.  All objects can be indexed and annotated, and Gamelon even provides transaction management and automatic object locking.  Gamelon files are highly self-descriptive and platform-independent, which makes them ideal for multimedia storage and for offline computing that uses Internet data exchanges.  The APIs are available with numerous computer language interfaces.  Learn more about Gamelon in our Product Area.


Are your programmers struggling with the migration to object-oriented programming?  Do you want to move to Java but worry about the hectic pace at which it is changing?  Would you like to know whether it would be practical to put part of your companyís database on the Web?  Do you wonder whether it would be better to port your old DOS programs or to start again from scratch?  Are you going crazy trying to understand the technical and strategic impact of the technology behind the latest acronym?  Do you have a development project that is bogged down for reasons you canít fathom?  Call us, or send email to


Come to us for application development on any desktop or workstation platform, including the redeployment of your existing programs onto the World Wide Web.  We are skilled in developing platform-independent code and interfacing code modules among multiple computer languages.  We offer design, specification, implementation, optimization, porting and documentation services.  To inquire, call us or send an email to


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